win meta small posterWinMeta is 100% natural functional food product.  Scientists have been able to isolate the Polysaccharide Peptides (PSP) into a hypoallergenic, dry powder form to create the WinMeta.  

It is hypoallergenic and contains no dairy, wheat, sugar, chemicals fillers, binders, artificial flavors, additives, preservatives, no genetically modified organisms (non-GMO) and has no known side effects.

Made from especially selected fractions of specific native strains of rice grains. It is harvested at the right age and carefully grown in the organic matter, maintaining the alkalinity of the soils in the Valley of Thailand.

The process employed in the production of WinMeta is an Advanced Biotechnology Process, using mechanical hydrolysis under high-pressure, low heat temperature, without using any chemical, enzyme, or acid. It is therefore safe for chronically ill individuals as well as individuals who have been diagnosed to be on the borderline of developing degenerative disease. There have not been any reports of adverse reactions. When WinMeta is used together with medications it is as safe as eating oatmeal along with medications. The main ingredients in WinMeta are completely natural food products, therefore it is as safe as any other staple food products.

WinMeta is one of the amazing technology based products of Winalite International.    It is especially formulated to address the need for balanced food intake for maintaining overall physical well being. It’s active component Alpha PSP plays a great role in preventing and overcoming chronic degenerative diseases, metabolic and immune system disorders.



Winmeta was developed to provide the essential nutrients to adequately nourish the cells in our bodies. Winmeta is essential to provide the need for the life of your cells.

Winmeta Promotes:

  • muscle tone
  • strengthens brain and lung cells
  •  nourishes and smoothes the skin
  • improves memory, increases energy and
  • strengthens the immune system.

When the cells are getting the nutrition they need from Winmeta the following may be prevented:

  • Diabetes
  • Low Energy
  • High Cholesterol
  • Heart Disease
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Lowering of Immune System.


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